65% POLYESTER 35% COTTON I 240 GSM | Page 72

Aprons has become a bigger and bigger item in this industry due to booming café and restaurant business. To be in the fashion trend of the industry we have added eight very fashionable and bright colours into our apron range this year. Therefore aprons are now in 14 great colours and all in three standard hospitality industry sizes. The fabric used in this apron range has also been improved. They are now made from heavy weight 240gsm poly cotton drill, very durable and no or little need to iron. Each style has a pouch pocket of 30(W)x20(H)cm including a pen section. The pocket has a wide opening allowing large embroideries to be fitted in easily.

Short Waist :  WAP01
Long Waist :  MAP01
Bib :  FAP01
Short Waist :  WAP12
Long Waist :  MAP12
Bib :  FAP12
Navy Blue
Short Waist :  WAP04
Long Waist :  MAP04
Bib :  FAP04
Short Waist :  WAP09
Long Waist :  MAP09
Bib :  FAP09
Royal Blue
Short Waist :  WAP05
Long Waist :  MAP05
Bib :  FAP05
Short Waist :  WAP39
Long Waist :  MAP39
Bib :  FAP39
Short Waist :  WAP33
Long Waist :  MAP33
Bib :  FAP33
Short Waist :  WAP14
Long Waist :  MAP14
Bib :  FAP14
Short Waist :  WAP26
Long Waist :  MAP26
Bib :  FAP26
Short Waist :  WAP25
Long Waist :  MAP25
Bib :  FAP25
Short Waist :  WAP16
Long Waist :  MAP16
Bib :  FAP16
Hot Pink
Short Waist :  WAP15
Long Waist :  MAP15
Bib :  FAP15
Short Waist :  WAP07
Long Waist :  MAP07
Bib :  FAP07
Bottle Green
Short Waist :  WAP06
Long Waist :  MAP06
Bib :  FAP06
No Pocket | Black
Short Waist :  WAO12
Long Waist :  MAO12
Bib :  FAO12